I Am Orange; are you?

I've decided it's time to make some changes. And so change number one? The name. No longer "I Am Orange Designs", I've changed the name to, officially, I Am Orange Media Group, Ltd. Or, simply, I Am Orange.

Change two? The website. As you can see the current one is gone and is moving to iamo.co giving you a nice, simple name to remember. Plus, it kind of rhymes! You can go there now if you reeeeally want to. But there really isn't anything there of much interest I must admit. It's kind of like having friends come over unexpectedly; you don't necessarily mind if they're there, but you'd have rather they didn't come because your house wasn't ready yet.

Change three? A new email address: jbish@iamo.co - again, opting for simplicity.

Change four? You! I want you to be my new client! So shoot me an email and let's talk!

Jesse Bishop
I Am Orange Media Group, Ltd.